• Hazard Awareness and Action

  • Proper Education and Training

  • Team Commitment

  • Zero Injury Performance Goals

It's Always Safety First

Safety comes before all else

Part of our commitment to ensuring quality service to our customers begins with a commitment to ourselves and to protecting our people. The safety and protection of all our partners, our equipment, and your facilities are always top of mind for the TCS management team.

We pay close attention to the training, execution and on-site safety behaviors on behalf our technicians every day. In addition, our partners are trained to stop unsafe working behaviors and correct unsafe environments, which is an initiative that we highly regard in our team members.

Our Safety Mission

Safety affects everything and everybody. It is our ongoing goal to adhere to the industry's standards in safety from fabrication, to the installation and maintenance of our machinery. If you would like to report an unsafe working condition or action please call us right away 210-650-9972.

Safety Measures

- Safety Training and Education

- Mandatory Drug Screening

- Safety Routines and Compliance